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Church Staff
Bro. Roger Miller - Pastor & Missions Director -
He is married to Dana, and they have three girls.     He can also be reached by phone, 601-796-4247.
Bro. Josh Henderson - Youth Pastor -

He is married to Kayla Henderson.   He can be reached at (601) 297-2102.

Bro. Ted Boler - Deacon and Adult II Teacher -
He is also a Building and Grounds Assistant.    Plus, he is on the Baptistmal Team and the Nomination Team.   He and his wife, Liz, have one son.     He can be reached by  (601) 796-5045.
Bro. Joel Engle - Deacon & Church Treasurer -

He and his wife, Charity, has 3 girls. He can be reached by (601) 794-6219.

Bro. Jake Bounds - Deacon

He is married to Holly, and they have three children.

Gloria Lowe - Administrator - Secretary -
Mrs. Gloria is available for church matters or if you need to reach Bro. Roger, please call her.
Susan Graham - Prayer List Coordinator -
Mrs. Susan types a paper prayer list every week to distribute in the church services.     If you have someone that needs to be on this prayer list and/or on the website prayer list, please email or call her at (601) 796-3167.     Plus, she will start a prayer chain if someone is in a crisis.